What I’ve Been Eating

Well I’ve been busy, busy, busy, but I”ve also been out doing a lot of eating. I just haven’t been sharing. So I’ll give myself a quick rap on the knuckles and continue with the last few weeks in pictures.

A weekend with dinner at Concubine & Star of Siam. Dinner at Star of Siam with some of dad’s old workmates who I’ve known forever, plus one of their daughters who I haven’t seen since I was tiny. The Sea-Star dumplings are incredible, I’ve been trying to find out if they go by any other name, I’d love to recreate them.

The following night was Concubine with my trio of friends from school (which includes Sam my regular food buddy). The food was good, but the company was better.

I managed to take a break from my crazy week baking 1000 cake pops for the H by Felici launch, and went to Saldechin for tapas and cocktails with Roxy. The food was a little underwhelming, it was easy to eat but not the flavour explosion that I’ve come to expect from tapas. We had the best service from the best waiter, such a contrast to my last trip here.

Then there was the launch. My cake pops went off, it was so incredibly thrilling seeing so many people with one of my pops in their hand. Check out more pictures here, and here.

I also tried out Dumplings R Us on Rundle Street, and felt I’d had better, and had the great food blogger meet-up at Devour. As always the desserts at Devour were very intriguing. The deconstructed lemon meringue pie was probably the winner, but I adored the peanut butter and jelly panna cotta and the green tea ice cream with chocolate coated pop rocks.

Then the Tasting Australia festival, where I didn’t get to do half of what I would have liked. Next time I’ll be more prepared. Oysters from the native food stall, so fresh, even my sister who doesn’t like raw oysters thought these were great. Then the Korean bun from Grace the Establishment, reminds me of being back at school when the Korean kids always had the best lunches. I loved the kim chi. We also had the ‘small’ cheese tasting plate from Paris Creek. It was HUGE, but delicious.

We’ve got our brochure for the Festival of Food, and we went to Urban Bistro for out first stop. The pork belly was pint sized, but delicious. We were given petit fours at the end, but the macaron was just not right, it was more like a hard biscuit than chewy meringue. Instead I took mum and dad, and my sister, along to Eggless for their first time. There 7 Deadly Sins (+ their 8th addition) has some interesting options. I think I’m going to wait till I go back again this month to pick my favourite from the menu.

So now that I’ve done a recap of the last few weeks, I can really get down to the important things, my dinner on Friday night. Stay tuned.