Rigoni’s Bistro on Leigh Street

The other night I headed to Rigoni’s with Sam, an old friend from school. We’ve recently realised how much more often we should be catching up. Not only is he so lovely, and great to chat with, but we also share a love of dining out. So when he messaged me about catching out I pointed out that I was hoping to get to Rigoni’s soon, and then we were booked in.

I’ve been to Rigoni’s a few times in the past, but unfortunately only for coffee. My dad works just across the road on Currie Street, and so on occasion I’ve popped in for a coffee with him. Back in December I tried their breakfast for the first time, something I’d been looking forward too. I took Roxy along for her birthday as a bit of a treat. She had poached eggs, and I had pancakes.

I loved that Rigoni’s breakfast consists of mainly staple breakfast items, each with an deliciously special twist. The poached eggs were not only done perfectly, but came with a tomato chutney that really made the dish. My pancakes weren’t your average pancakes. White chocolate and strawberry pancakes, with double cream, lavender sugar, and a quandong syrup. Prices were pretty average for breakfast, and we were very happy.

Poached eggs with spinach and sauce maltaise, white chocolate pancakes. 

Back to dinner. I borrowed my parent’s entertainment card for the night. Out of the hundred and something restaurants on the card, they’d visited a grand total of 0. I used it for the first time when heading to the Brasserie, so I’ve decided I’ll have to give it a workout before it expires in June/July. This meant we got one main meal for free, up to $35. Mains range from $25ish to $40, so it was a pretty good deal.

Appetisers: mixed greens & gravadlax, pork fillet, pumpkin gnocchi, lime panna cotta. 

I couldn’t pass up the gravadlax, beetroot and ocean trout gravadlax with caper berries, baby herbs, and black garlic croutons. It was really light, and the beetroot was quite subtle, but definitely noticeable. There were so many of my favourite things in this dish, there was no chance I wasn’t picking it. Sam had mixed greens, which were technically a side but they brought them out as an entree.

Mains were a bit muddled, I could have sworn I’d ordered the beef fillet, but it was under much deliberation. I ended up with the pork fillet. I honestly couldn’t say where the mistake was, but I’m guessing with me as I was tossing up between the two, and probably just forgot which I had ordered. The pork fillet was delicious. Pork fillet with mustard fruits, baked potato, taleggio & pancetta and caramelized garlic salsa. Sam ordered the pumpkin gnocchi off the specials board, but we were a bit too deep in conversation, and he missed that it had pancetta. He eats vegetarian, so when it came out they were really great and offered to take it back and bring back a meat free version. He felt terrible about it.

Then there was dessert. I had the panna cotta with watermelon sorbet, quandong compote, and biscotti. It was such a light and refreshing dessert, perfect for the hot summer night. Sam had the white chocolate, cranberry, and almond semi fredo. It was really interesting, not quite as light as mine, but a nice mix of flavours.

Overall we couldn’t have been happier with the experience, it’s such a lovely place, and I’m always a big fan of Leigh Street. My mouth still waters a bit when I flick through the food from the night.