A Very Cold ‘Summer’ Fridays In the East End

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Summer Fridays is coming to an end, it makes sense really considering Summer finished up last month and we’re starting to shiver the night away. Last night was a cold one, but it was the first week mum was back with her sock monkeys since her operation.

The lovely Lana ordered a bunch of cupcakes to pick up at the markets. So I finally had a chance to use one of my big white boxes. Everything looks so pretty lined up inside. It was loads of fun putting them together, so I hope they’re enjoyed!

The flavours for the night were:
Chocolate Guinness
Banana Caramel
& Peanut Butter

It is also Miss M’s birthday today, so we had some fun at the markets for that. She was getting little presents from all of the different stall holders. They absolutely love her. She picked up a cupcake from Betty over at the Goodie Basket. A Vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing. I still need to get around to making a vanilla cupcake because the kids don’t generally like much else so I’ve never got anything for them. Saying that Miss M does love the cake pops, but she’d already brought 30 along with her to school in the morning so I think she was taking a break.

The guy doing the music at the markets also sang happy birthday to her over the microphone. She was incredibly chuffed.

I also made sure I got my own little treats at the market.

Some macarons from Maple Jane Macarons & of course a burger from Burger Theory. The macarons were: cherry ripe, lemon, nutella, boysenberry, salted caramel, and redskin. My two favourites were the salted caramel & the redskin. I had a number 1 burger from Burger Theory & some fries with truck sauce. Then a little later I came back and got a number 2. It was just what I needed to get me through the night. I’m still smiling over the thought of the second burger. It really was cooked to perfection, lovely and pink and juicy. YUM.

We were tired, we were cold, but as always had a great time. Sadly next week is the last week until October. But I want to make it a big one, so make sure you come down and check it out.

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