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It was time for a brunch catch up with R, an old work friend. The location? Bliss Organic Garden Cafe. This was my first time at Bliss, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. R had raved about their brownies for a while, but the night before another friend had told me a few bad stories about her experiences. I was still going in with an open mind.

We sat outside, in a beautiful garden area. There was a wooden gazebo, and plenty of plants surrounding the table. There was definitely a very hippy vibe to the place, it felt like it was all about relaxing and unwinding. It actually reminded me of a few backpacker hostel type places in SE Asia, in places like Chiang Mai & Sapa.

I ordered banana pancakes with native syrup, a breakfast I used to get all the time when we were living in Vietnam, and a hot spiced apple drink that reminded me of something we had our last time in Sapa. Okay, yes I was trying to push the Asia nostalgia a little far. R ordered a BLT, but being vegan of course it was fake bacon.

My pancakes were light and the combo of banana and the syrup was very yummy, and the spiced apple drink was warming and delicious. R’s BLT was huge, and she couldn’t finish the whole thing. I made sure I tried a bit of her ‘bacon’, it had a strong smokey flavour, but definitely wasn’t much like bacon. R also raved about the vegan iced chocolate on the menu.

I loved the atmosphere here, even if it’s not my usual scene.

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  1. Scarlett says

    I don’t get the the point of that stupid disgusting fake bacon it 1000 times worse then the real thing, might as well eat dog food. But everything else at bliss is amazing love love love the bliss burger and and the date smoothies are to die for!

    • I agree Scarlett, I don’t really get it. I wouldn’t add it to my list of worst things I’ve ever eaten, but it was definitely strange. I don’t know too many (if any) vegans who like the stuff either…

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