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Tonight was spent at Eggless in the wonderful company of my food buddy Sam. It’s been months since I’ve been to Eggless, a place that used to be a regular haunt, but it was also Sam’s first time.

Peach Mille Feuille, Scraping Plates, Clipboard Menus. 

There is something about Eggless that always feels to warm and homely. Perhaps it’s the always amazing staff, or the mood lighting and happy chatter that can be heard throughout the cafe. It always remains one of my favourite places.

Of course we couldn’t choose tonight. Sam had narrowed down to two dishes before we came, as had I with two different dishes of my own. Instead of picking and choosing we were very happy to find the tasting platter had three out of our four dishes, and we ordered the Peach Mille Feuille  as well.

Tea Pot for One, Tasting Platter, & Lanterns. 

Everything was yummy, although the Tiramisu was a bit much for me. I’m not a coffee person, and so it’s just a personal preference, I know I would have loved it if I was a fan of coffee flavouring.

Eggless can be a strange place, usually there is a line outside, but they still make you feel completely welcome and you don’t feel like you need to vacate your seat at the nearest possible moment. The food is always great, but I honestly think that the staff are the reason this place has so many die-hard fans.

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